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Hi, I’m Kenny and I’m writing exclusively for you. Join me in a journey of becoming the best version of ourselves.
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Judging by my name, I could be easily mistaken as a woman — At least that is what I have experienced every time I ordered GoJek.

Since I was a kid, I have always loved writing, I have these old-full journals that I dearly love, which had accompanied me through…

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Hello, how are you doing? I hope you’re doing well as always.

This morning, I have added new writers to this publication, and it is flattering to see lots of enthusiasm from people that wanted to be a part of this community.

Over here, in The Equator, we value your…

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Why should we start this story with ‘I’ while it can start with ‘you’?

When was the last time you had a conversation with someone? Not just an average conversation, and not just a regular someone. …

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One of the best parts of my day always contains the part when I’m talking with her, we both love to have a deep conversation, exploring our thoughts and revealing our deepest fears. Just like the time when she told me that she’s tired of planning things in her life.

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Although nothing in life is predictable, great things can happen at the most unexpected times. I guess for me, it was the time when I met her.

I would never know a simple conversation about movies could lead me into rediscovering the truest version of myself.

Normally, when you just…

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The hype is here, I’ve seen stories shared by friends bragging about their portfolios. Huge media repeatedly producing stories about how people got lucky by investing in cryptocurrencies.

It feels like another California gold rush — When approximately 300.000 people traveled to California to mine gold. …

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Our publication has grown rapidly, we now have more than 60 writers — And still counting every day — with their unique backgrounds from teachers, lecturers, students, journalists, and many more.

All in a journey of becoming the best version of ourselves. …

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Nothing is more satisfying at the end of the day more than when you have crushed all of your to-do lists. For me, the feeling of having a productive day always made me feel good before I close my eyes to sleep.

But crossing your to-do list could be quite…

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If I heard the words ‘success’ ten years ago, I would picture it as wealth, BMWs, a great mansion, and any other cool stuff in this world.

But it turns out the way I looked at success was wrong.

It’s not about the promotion that you got, how much money…

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If you have been following my recent writings, I was addressing how important it is to have goals in our lives.

Once you have written those goals on a blank paper, it’s time to convert your ideas into actions. Because without actions, ideas are worthless.

Whatever your goals are, whether…

Kenny Rivaldi

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