To Hell With Mediocrity, You Can Be Excellent

3 life-changing lessons that I learned from my clients around the world.

Picture by Parker Hilton on Unsplash

#1. “Learn fast, adapt fast, and fail fast”.

One of my clients was a former executive chef from Michelin in New York. He was one of my very first clients, and we started on a social media project, I helped him to get build his digital presence.

#2. “You can’t be a successful person by following your average Joe”.

One of my favorite clients and my dearest friend. She had been in the food and beverages business for more than 7 years. Her company had just got a contract with one of the famous supermarkets in the country and will be available nationwide.

#3. “Kenny, it’s the law of attraction”

One fine Sunday, I saw a post on the internet, there’s someone from Italy had a project to build a movie directory. The contract was so big, it attracts more than 50+ people who submitted their proposals.



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